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The Real Estate Training Institute is approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission to supply instruction in real estate courses.  We are locally owned and serve our Mississippi family, friends and neighbors.  Established in 1989.

Classroom and Livestream Schedule

Classroom Locations

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2650 Beach Blvd., #35, Biloxi, MS 39532

Across from Edgewater Mall


728 Goodman Road East, Southaven, MS 38671

The Stand Alone Building


906 Sullivan Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Pearl River Community College Woodall Center


Livestream available.

Livestream Options for Pre-License Exam Courses

Livestream Days

Live from Biloxi

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Live from Southaven

Online Self-paced Support Site

Our online classes offer unparalleled flexibility to our students. Whether you work full-time or have children to care for, our classes are designed to fit your schedule. You can learn at your own pace and at any time you choose, making it easy to balance your responsibilities with your education.

All Access Pass

Don’t limit your education to just one format. With our All Access Pass, you can take advantage of combined classroom, livestream, and the online support site all for one course price. Join us today to experience the flexibility and variety of learning opportunities available through the All Access Pass.

Don’t wait, sign up for the All Access Pass today and start tapping into the full potential of your real estate education. 

Classroom Classes

From any of our 4 locations. Days or nights. Classroom Classes are the pinnacle for learning


Livestream classes are available days and nights. This method works for the busy individual who can't get away.

Online Self-paced

24/7 and Learn at Your Own Pace. This learning method is great for learning at nights and weekends.

Pre-License Exam Courses

Included in the Pre-License Exam Courses

Our Instructors

Our instructors at the National Real Estate Educators Association are experts in the field of real estate and have met the rigorous Gold Star standards of the industry. We’re proud to offer a curriculum led by the best instructors in the business.

The RETI Blog

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2650 Beach Blvd., #35,

Biloxi, MS 39531

(228) 354-8585

Real Estate Training Institute
Real Estate Training Institute
Based on 284 reviews
Jeanne Kilpatrick
The most informed education and information on Getting your Real Estate License, or, even Being informed in any Real Estate transaction! Leslie Clauson will have you on the first day wanting to Run out abs start making Money!!!She's the very Best!
Edward Boland
I took the June day class with Leslie. She was great and a pleasure to learn from. Along with top notch knowledge about the exam, she gave real world examples with stories from her life, the news, and hypotheticals. A very kind person who truly gives you the best resources to succeed in real estate.
Taji Valentine
I have three friends who completed training with RETI, successfully completed their boards and have thriving careers in real estate. I joined the April cohort and completed the training program totally satisfied. Hollye was an awesome instructor, making the students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to move to the next step in becoming an industry leader. The enrollment process was easy and the team at RETI were always available. Best experience in the field by far. Thanks RETI for helping me realize my potential and supporting my future goals in this field.
Brittney King
Lauren Esposito
Naomi Sherman
Hands down the best learning experience I’ve ever had! Leslie made the classes fun, interesting, and overall enjoyable. Would highly recommend RETI for your training and continuing ed!
Stacey Dunn
The best!
Bryce Clark
I really enjoyed Leslie's classes! She tells it like it is and doesn't waste any time!
Rachel M
Michael Barron
Spencer pose
Ashley Reints
Leslie is an amazing instructor, and her class helps you get ready to take the test!
Cory & Honei Paulk REALTORS
Nikki Nicholson Moon
I love the training atmosphere, the camaraderie of the students - its a great place to learn, and the teacher - Leslie - is first rate1
Jordan Brown
Jamie Lee White
Brianna Boring
Haley Lott
Leslie is the best at what she does! You definitely feel prepared for your exams. The blended learning program helps you study and really understand the material. Cannot recommend this class enough!
Akasha El Bey
Wonderful instructor, easy to understand study material. I feel confident I will be well prepared for the exam
Charles Keeney
It’s so easy to learn here. You will be prepared when you finish. They make sure of this .
India B
Nigel Bush
The class was amazing Ms Leslie is always motivating you throughout the course and treats you like family
Joe Sepulvado
Absolutely wonderful! I feel so prepared to take the test. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and also all of the expert advise received from Leslie and the other active Real Estate agents that were attending the class. Highly recommend to anyone interested in getting their license!
Rush williams
If you are interested in learning real estate well and having real life scenarios while learning this is the school for you! I was a first timer to this class went with very little prior knowledge and I have left feeling so prepared to take on my exam and real estate career. Thank you Ms. Leslie you are awesome! Keep loving what you do and helping to change lives. Also her assistant Maia is super awesome and helpful.
lindsey perez
Great learning experience! She was the best instructor and I learned so much in just 2 weeks! I definitely recommend her class 10/10!
DeAnna Hunt
Wonderful teacher, awesome atmosphere! They are encouraging and motivating. After going through an online class through a different real estate school, I realized just how much I missed by doing so. RETI has taught me way more and has been a great experience!
Devin Fortenberry
Alexandria Bertolette
Leslie is the best teacher and woman alive, in the classroom and out. Hands down recommend this school to anyone and everyone!
Hope Blankenship
Leslie was such a great teacher and her staff was very helpful. I feel very prepared to take the real estate exam and am looking forward to continuing education with Leslie! I would recommend this company for any learning you need for real estate!
Keesha Whitehead
Ms. Leslie has been the absolute greatest teacher. I came in on the first day with no knowledge of real estate and nervous bc of this. In the 11 days of taking this course, I have learned so much and now feel confident about moving forward and acing the exams. Thank you Ms. Leslie for everything that you have done for us and treating us like your family. You have made this learning experience unforgettable.
GJ Chaffin
RETI is the premier school on the coast. If you want to be successful and fully prepared for your career in real estate this is the school for you! Leslie brings real life experiences to the classroom to make things so much more easy and fun to learn, I can’t imagine having went anywhere else to learn.
Madeline Hebert
Leslie is absolutely amazing! She explains things in a way that I can understand. We are all like a big family.
Melissa Macuick
Leslie is an AMAZING WOMAN and excellent instructor! She made the classes interesting and fun! Leslie has so much knowledge about real estate to share. Absolutely loved this class!
Megan Clancy
Leslie was such an AMAZING TEACHER! She made this class fun and something to look forward to everyday. The material she gives you on your first day is all you need to pass this class and your state and national exam. If your considering taking her class you absolutely need too! I 100% recommend this to anyone wanting to start in real estate!
Kimber Riviere
Laura Quarles
Leslie is the absolute best teacher ever!!! She is so knowledgeable about real estate. The class prepares you to take the Real Estate Exam and more!!! I will definitely recommend her class!! You will not be disappointed!!
Arlana Hargrave
They are very accommodating! They also have the best instructors.
Response from the owner: ♥️ You're a Rockstar.
Marie Smith
Calvin Washington
James Obrin
Just finished my first week of classes. This course gives you everything you need to pass and many resources to be successful in real estate. The instructors are incredibly good at explaining the material and are good at keeping the class interesting and engaging. Will definitely recommend to others.
Paul Williams
Excellent instructor with a passion for her studies success.
Mary Williams
Because of this class, I've learned so much about buying my first home and my new journey into real estate.Thank you Mrs. Leslie for being an awesome teacher and person.
Katie Burks
Floyd Faul
Leslie and Jim in my opinion are the GREATEST, and extremely Professional,Before I found RETI , I went to a different Real Estate School, and failed the class miserably. Leslie and Jim took me in and teach me everything I needed to know to not only pass the course, but pass the State and National Exam on the first try! Now I'm back going through their Broker Course and learning so much! I'm very confident I will Pass again the same as last time! These wonderful people are the best and so Amazing! If your looking to become a Real estate Professional, RETI is the place to be!!! Highly Recommended!!!
fannita74 Fanny Salom
I have had a great experience. They have been helpful, professional and gives you the opportunity to take online classes. I had knee surgery, so this to me is huge and everything is in the tip of your hands , online and personalized help
tim ebay
If you are ever looking for a quality learning experience OMG, this is the place to be. Ms. Leslie is a plethora of knowledge and makes sitting in class fun. She knows how to keep your attention, yet the materials sinks in. This is the place to get your license
This was the BEST class!! Leslie is such a great teacher, informative and entertaining. She makes learning so easy. Because of the class, I'm feeling really confident about taking the real estate exam. I would recommend taking this class to everyone interested in real estate.