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Purchase either the online course or the classroom course and get both courses.

UPDATE:  Due to Covid 19, Live Classroom Classes are live streamed for those seeking comfort at home.

The Pre Broker Course Includes award-winning interactive adult classroom and online course.

This course assists the Broker Candidate in preparing to take his/her Broker Exam.

The exam subject matter outline will be provided to the learners.

Every person who applies for a Mississippi real estate broker license as a real estate broker shall be age twenty‐one (21) years or over and have his legal domicile in the State of Mississippi at the time he applies.

To become a Mississippi Real Estate Broker, an applicant:

  1. shall be subject to the jurisdiction of this state,
  2. subject to the income tax laws and other excise laws, subject to the road and bridge privilege tax laws.
  3. Shall not be an elector in any other state.
  4. Shall have held a license as an active real estate salesperson for twelve (12) months immediately before making an application for the broker’s examination.
  5. Shall have completed a minimum of one hundred twenty (120) hours of courses in real estate.
  6. Shall have completed the real estate broker’s examination as hereafter specified.

An applicant for a Mississippi real estate broker’s license must pass the broker’s examination with a grade of at least 80%.

The course traditionally begins on a Monday and continues to the Friday of that week.

It picks up the following Monday with the final being on Thursday.


Those who choose not to register in advance should determine before attending if any changes have been made in the schedule.