More and more people are using the internet to take care of their personal and business needs. Business and Personal sites are no longer ask for a username to grant you admission to your sites. Instead they ask for your email address. If you are using your email address for all your business, personal, and entertainment needs, you are risking your online identity, personal information and security at risk. Let me show you how companies use your information to market to you, share your data to potentially unscrupulous companies and individuals and are often unable to help you re-secure your accounts and information.
social marketing
– In this class I will show you how to regain control of your information
– Manage your on-line identity and protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves
– Identify if you are the victim of identity theft
– Useful tools to help manage your accounts and secure your passwords
Join me in securing your accounts.
This is an digital class. It is recommended that you access this class from a computer, however you may use a mobile device. Keep in mind that if you only access from a mobile device, you are giving away more information than you know.