Mississippi Real Estate Commission Rules for Broker Post License Course


Broker Post Licensing Educational Requirements. 🍏

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker Post Course

For Brokers

30 Credit hours

You are required to take 30 hours of Post license education within one year of passing your Broker’s exam.

You can only take 8 hours a day of courses.  This course must take you at least 3 to 4 days.

When you have completed the self scoring exams, please call RETI for your certificate.

The following are the required courses:

1.  Managing Escrow Accounts

2.  Inter Office Confidentiality

3.  Broker Responsibilities of Licensees

a.  Agency

b.  Office Policies and Procedures

4.  Broker Agreements with Licensees and Assistants

5.  Mississippi Real Estate Commission Required Forms

6.  Real Estate License Law

7.  Electives (6 hours)


Mississippi Real Estate Commission License Law, Rules and Regulations

§73-35-14.5. Temporary licenses; post-license education 

(1) Upon passing the Mississippi broker’s or salesperson’s examination and complying with all other conditions for licensure, a temporary license shall be issued to the applicant. The fee for the temporary license shall also be the same for the permanent license as provided in Section 73- 35-17. A temporary license shall be valid for a period of one (1) year following the first day of the month after its issuance. 29

(2) All Mississippi residents who apply for and receive a nonresident Mississippi broker’s or salesperson’s license shall be subject to the requirements under this section, including temporary licensure and completion of a thirty-hour post-license course.

(3) The holder of a temporary license shall not be issued a permanent license until he has satisfactorily completed a thirty-hour post-license course prescribed by the commission and offered by providers specifically certified by the commission to offer this mandated postlicense education.

The holder of a temporary license shall complete the entire thirty-hour course within twelve (12) months of issuance of his temporary license; otherwise this temporary license shall automatically be placed on inactive status by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.

If the holder of the temporary license does not complete the course and have his permanent license issued within one (1) year following the first day of the month after its issuance, the temporary license shall automatically expire and lapse. A temporary license is not subject to renewal procedures in this chapter and may not be renewed.

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Real Estate Training Institute is approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission to supply instruction in real estate courses.

Real Estate Broker Post Education is a specialty t Real Estate Training Institute.

Mission Statement

Real Estate Training Institute supplies high-quality real estate education by providing up to date instructional materials and methods to inspire lifelong learning and professionalism within the real estate community.

Goals and Objectives


To demonstrate a commitment to excellence in educational courses, integrity and honesty upon delivery of courses and to hold the highest respect for our adult learners.


  • To treat adult learners and the general public with a professional demeanor in speech, actions and dress.
  • To have graduates of Real Estate Training Institute be recognized for their knowledge and professionalism within the real estate community.
  • Strive for Excellence
  • We place the care of the adult learners above our own competing interests.
  • By the end of the course, adult learners will be able to communicate and demonstrate proficiency in the real estate community with professional behavior.

Learning Activities

Communicate with instructors.  Communicate with other adult learners.

Quizlet Cue Cards and Games

Quizlet Live Games

Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Reference materials including books published by Real Estate Training Institute and other professional sources are part of the courses.

Internet research will be implemented.


Power points presentations with relative information may be used.

Free Weekend Review monthly


Quizzes and exams will be used to measure the adult learner’s retention and application of knowledge learned.