Obtaining Your Real Estate License for Agents in Mississippi is clearly defined.

The Mississippi Real Estate Commission sets out the standards to successfully obtain your goals.

First Things First

Let’s take a look at what the Commission says.


“The Mississippi Real Estate Brokers License Law of 1954”; states it to be unlawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation to engage in or carry on, directly or indirectly, or to advertise or to hold himself, itself or themselves out as engaging in or carrying on the business, or act in the capacity of, a real estate broker, or a real estate salesperson, within this state, without first obtaining a license as a real estate broker or real estate salesperson. 

The term “real estate salesperson” means and may include any person employed or engaged by or on behalf of a licensed real estate broker to do or deal in any activity as included or comprehended by the definitions of a real estate broker for compensation or otherwise.

Every applicant for a resident license as a real estate salesperson shall be

  • age eighteen (18) years or over,
  • shall be a bona fide resident of the State of Mississippi prior to filing his application,
  • shall have successfully completed a minimum of sixty (60) hours in courses in real estate as hereafter specified, and
  • shall have successfully completed the real estate salesperson’s examination as hereafter specified.

Step One: Attend a sixty (60) hour pre-salesperson’s course. That is what we do.

Step Two: Complete the exit exam with the help of your fellow students and mentor. (No one fails this course.  We acknowledge that everyone learns differently.  If the exam is not passed, the student can retake the exam until he/she passes.  The learner graduates when the learner feels ready.)

Step Three: mail your Real Estate License for Salesperson application to the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. Include a copy of your diploma and a check for $120.

Step Four: The Mississippi Real Estate Commission will either send you a formal letter or an email to direct you toward the testing company. The testing company is called PSI.

The Mississippi Real Estate Commission will also send you a fingerprint card for you to get your prints done. (You can make an appointment at your local police department or sheriff’s station.)

Step Five: Either call PSI or go onto their website to schedule your exam.

Step Six: Pass your exam.

Step Seven: You have ten days to find a real estate broker to put your license under.

Congratulations. You’re in business.

About the Real Estate Training Real Estate License for Agents Course

This Course is to prepare you for the Mississippi Real Estate License Exam.

The course covers the Mississippi Real Estate Commission’s mandatory topics to qualify for your license.

The ALL-Access Course Pass gives you access to the classroom, live streaming, a self-paced course online and over 3,000 questions and answers with explanations.

Take the course once and attend free reviews for extra assurance and confidence.

About the Instructors

The instructors are Gold Star Designated Professionals from the National Real Estate Educators Association.


The school’s self-published textbooks are included in the one price.

Our Rating

This is a five-star-rated organization with courses to meet all your real estate educational needs for your entire career. Come join other successful real estate professionals.

The Real Estate Training Institute is approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission to instruct real estate courses.

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