Our Real Estate Broker Classes includes what a contemporary Salesperson needs to know to enrich their lives and take their career to a higher level  This course is designed to help you prepare for the Mississippi Broker License Exam.

Instructors at the Training Institute are proud of their friendships with national affiliates and colleagues from coast to coast who share the updated realty events and testing information on a bi-annual schedule.

"Real Estate Broker Classes"


Our instructors work together to deliver you with the best classroom and online class experience.

This Real Estate Broker Classes includes:

Electronic Interactive
Quizlet exams
Quizlet cue cards
Quizlet Live

RETI  is approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission to provide instruction in Broker courses.

This course assists the Broker Candidate to prepare to take his/her Broker Exam.

The subject matter is based on the exam outline provided by the testing company (PSI).

Every person who applies for a Mississippi broker license as a real estate broker shall be age twenty‐one (21) years or over and have his legal domicile in the State of Mississippi at the time he applies.

To become a Mississippi Broker, an applicant:

An applicant for a Mississippi real estate broker’s license must pass the broker’s examination with a grade of at least 80%.

The course traditionally begins on a Monday and continues to the Friday of that week.

It picks up the following Monday with the final being on Thursday.

Those who choose not to register in advance should determine before attending if any changes have been made in the schedule.

RETI’s Real Estate Broker Classes material is copyrighted.