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Real Estate Training Institute

  1. Quick Start System

The Real Estate Training Institute’s Quick Start System allows students to access the school’s support site to get a head start on their classroom or livestream courses. Be ahead on day one.  This free school option gives access to over 3000 quiz questions and school material before you even begin your class journey.

  1. Books Included

The Real Estate Training Institute is a book publisher with over ten real estate course workbooks for Mississippi and Tennessee.  We have added $300 in course workbooks for the Mississippi real estate exam for free.  Two books are included.

  1. All Access Pass 

The School’s All Access Pass was requested by former students and Alumni.  As adults with busy schedules, it may be convenient for some students to attend class, livestream or go to the self-paced online course to complete their classroom hours. Now, you can mix and match days, nights, topics, chapters, instructors and even physical locations.

  1. Free Class Reviews

With the course, you are allowed to attend free reviews with your choices of methods, times, topics, instructors and locations.


Everyone, Everywhere with Blended Learning

The Real Estate Training Institute’s courses are the most comprehensive real estate agent training courses available.  

The Real Estate Training Institute is approved for both online and classroom classes with an extended approval for livestream classes. The approvals are difficult to obtain and require additional monitoring of the learner’s progress.

We do not limit your method of learning. We understand that adults have busy schedules and are in situations unique to each person.

We offer three options for learning that can be mixed and matched depending on the student’s situation. 

Inclusive opportunity to learn is important to the Real Estate Training Institute. We strive to make our classes available to everyone, everywhere.