Master Selling Professional Certification

The Most Fun Workshop EVER.

This course provides the salesperson with a simple ‘shopping list’ of behavioral indicators for each type client.  As a result, you will learn to approach your client with predictable outcomes.

More importantly, we find out, what type “client” you are.

Is it easy to sell to you?

Are there clues to your clients closing behavior?

Does your client say, “it feels good” or “it makes sense”?

Is your client always late?

Does your client answer the phone when you call or do they text you back?

These are just a few of the topics we cover.

As a BONUS, you will be able to use these new tools when working with other professionals.

The only thing more frustrating than working with a client who is hard to understand is working with another professional who is impossible to understand.

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MBTI Certified Practitioners

Professional Development for all Careers

Based on the Myer Briggs Type® Indicator

  1. Four Basic Sales Approaches
  2. What Is Psychological Type?
  3. Assessing Your Selling Process
  4. How Is My Type Preference Expressed When I Sell?
  5. Using Your “Non-Preferred” Style
  6. Do I Need to Know My Customer’s Type Preference?
  7. How to Use the Type Framework When Selling
  8. How Do People Want to Be Sold To?
  9. How Does Type Actually Work with the Selling Process?
  10. Listening for Cues
  11. How Do I Adapt to My Customer?
  12. Handling Issues
  13. Going on from Here

Based on the Myers Briggs Type® Indicator and applied to our approved MREC course for Psychology of Selling

EXCEL YOURSELF® for Real Estate Professionals