The Negotiation Style Profile

The Questions To Ask Yourself

1.  When I negotiate, my interests must prevail.

2.  I try to reach a result based on objective criteria rather than just my demands.

3.  I always try to avoid unpleasant confrontations.

4.  Negotiators are adversaries.

5.  I will yield to principle, not pressure.

6.  I often feel I lack the power to produce a successful outcome.

7.  I enjoy the reputation of tough battler.

8.  Negotiation may be said to be effective when both parties get their needs fulfilled.

9.  Half a loaf is better than none.

10.  Negotiation is a contest of wills.

11.  You have to make concessions to the other party to build the relationship.

12.  Realistically, you can only get what others are willing to concede.

13.  I believe you should do unto others before they do it to you.

14.  Affable relationships produce the best results.

15.  An effective negotiator employs threats, bluffs and surprise.

16.  I generally try to “go with the flow”.

17.  Effective negotiators develop a partnership.

18.  Don’t stir up a hornets nest; it’s never worth the trouble.

19.  When negotiating. I attempt to work through the differences.

20.  I search for a solution the other party will accept.

21.  Negotiating success is achieved when both parties feel they have won.

22.  I often let others take responsibility for solving the problem.

23.  I yield to pressure to reach an agreement.

24.  I put off decisions until I have time to think them over.

The most satisfying and rewarding negotiations for the long term are achieved by consistent use of a win/win style.


1.  Separate the problem from the people.  Attack problems, support people.

2.  Focus on interests, not positions.  Don’t attack their position, look behind it.

3.  Ask questions and listen.

4.  Seek options.


1.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

2.  We appreciate how you feel.

3.  Our concern is fairness.

4.  Could I ask you a few questions to see if my facts are right?

5.  We want to settle on the basis of fairness, not power.

6.  What’s the principle behind your actions?

7.  Let me see if I understand why you feel that way.

8.  One fair solution might be………

9.  Let me show you where I have trouble with your reasoning.

10.  We both agree on……

11.  Are you comfortable with…….

12.  Tell me about…….


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