"mrec in jackson"

Approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission to supply instruction in real estate courses – Real Estate Training Institute(1) There is hereby created the Mississippi Real Estate Commission. The commission shall
consist of five (5) persons, to be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of
the Senate. Each appointee shall have been a resident and citizen of this state for at least
six (6) years prior to his appointment, and his vocation for at least five (5) years shall have
been that of a real estate broker. One (1) member shall be appointed for the term of one (1)
year; two (2) members for terms of two (2) years; two (2) members for terms of four (4)
years; thereafter, the term of the members of said commission shall be for four (4) years
and until their successors are appointed and qualify. There shall be at least one (1)
commissioner from each congressional district, as such districts are constituted as of July
1, 2002. The commissioners appointed from each of the congressional districts shall be
bona fide residents of the district from which each is appointed. One (1) additional
commissioner shall be appointed without regard to residence in any particular
congressional district. Members to fill vacancies shall be appointed by the Governor for
the unexpired term. The Governor may remove any commissioner for cause. The State of
Mississippi shall not be required to furnish office space for such commissioners. The
provisions of this section shall not affect persons who are members of the Real Estate
Commission as of January 1, 2002. Such members shall serve out their respective terms,
upon the expiration of which the provisions of this section shall take effect. Nothing
provided herein shall be construed as prohibiting the reappointment of any member of the
said commission.(2) The commission shall organize by selecting from its members a
chairman and may do all things necessary and convenient for carrying into effect the
provisions of this chapter and may from time to time promulgate rules and regulations.
Each member of the commission shall receive per diem as authorized in Section 25-3-69,
Mississippi Code of 1972, and his actual and necessary expenses incurred in the
performance of duties pertaining to his office as authorized in Section 25-3-41, Mississippi
Code of 1972.
(2) The commission shall adopt a seal by which it shall authenticate its proceedings. Copies of
all records and papers in the office of the commission, duly certified and authenticated by
the seal of said commission, shall be received in evidence in all courts equally and with
like effect as the original. All records kept in the office of the commission under authority
of this chapter shall be open to public inspection except pending investigative files.
Mississippi Real Estate Commission