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Full access for $40 per month. IDX / RETS feeds available.

Oasis MLS is Mississippi’s first flexible Multiple Listing Service. We are excited to serve our fast growing membership of licensed Brokers, Agents & Appraisers.

Who is Oasis MLS?

Oasis MLS is a full service, Multiple Listing Services consisting of both REALTOR members and also Non-REALTOR members. Oasis MLS is not controlled by NAR, nor do we require our members to join any association. We are however, advocates for both the National & Mississippi, Association of REALTORS.

What is Oasis MLS?

Oasis is a full service, flexible MLS designed to support all areas of Mississippi. It can be used as a stand alone MLS to share and syndicate your listings, or to grow your business as an additional MLS for connecting to agents outside of your current association’s coverage area. Appraisers can enjoy more consolidated listing data without the need to join multiple associations. The choice is yours.

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Where does Oasis MLS Syndicate?

Oasis Syndicates to all major Real Estate Websites, including Zillow,, Trulia, LandWatch, & Listhub. We leave the power of choice in the broker’s hands as you can opt in, or out, of each one individually to fit your specific marketing needs.

Oasis does not syndicate sold data to any public portals or websites. This information is considered private and confidential. Sold data such as sales prices, concessions, and days on market, are available to members ONLY, who are also Licensed Real Estate Professionals.

Choose where your listings syndicate

Our Facebook integration enables you to share listings easily on social media with one click straight from the MLS.

You can even create a listhub account offering 154 Participating Publishers, Reaching Homebuyers On More Than 750 Websites.

We also share IDX data feeds through RETS certified channels if you would like a direct feed to your website.

Why was Oasis  created?

Oasis  was created for Mississippi Brokers and agents that have a growing need to access a flexible, cost effective MLS, that still maintains quality data on a user friendly platform.

Brokers have the freedom to choose whether or not all of their agents should join Oasis  With Oasis a single agent can join, or all agents can join and cooperate effectively with other agents.

The managing broker must only sign a Broker Participation agreement. There is no cost to the broker unless they utilize the MLS System also.

How are Oasis members regulated?

The Oasis  Rules & Regulations Committee was formed to establish solid and ethical rules of engagement. These rules are in place to protect both the consumer, and also participating members.

We have set disciplinary actions for those who willfully or repeatedly violate our agreement.

Oasis does not monetarily fine members or brokers for mistakes or violations. However, members using Oasis to conduct business will be greatly affected should they, or their broker, be suspended for repeat, or serious violations.

How can I learn more about Oasis MLS?

To learn more about what we have to offer, pricing, or how to join, send us an email at: or call (or text) (662) 831-0483.

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