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Written Examination for Mississippi Real Estate License

73-35-13. Written examination requirement;

(1) In addition to proof of his honesty, trustworthiness, and good reputation, the applicant shall take a written examination which shall be held at least four (4) times each year at regular intervals and on stated times by the commission and shall test reading, writing, spelling, elementary arithmetic and his general knowledge of the statutes of this state relating to real property, deeds, mortgages, agreements of sale, agency, contract, leases, ethics, appraisals, the provisions of this chapter and such other matters the commission certifies as necessary to the practice of real estate brokerage in the State of Mississippi. (* NOTE: PSI offers the exams on most dates all year.)

Broker’s Exam Requires Higher Standards of Knowledge Real Estate

The examination for a broker’s license shall differ from the examination for a salesperson’s license.

It shall be of a more exacting nature and require higher standards of knowledge of real estate.

The commission shall cause examinations to be conducted at such times and places as it will determine.

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