ARELLO for Pre-License Courses

A pre-license course must meet any standards that the Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Officials (ARELLO), or its successor(s), may have for pre-license courses, including, without limitation, standards for […]

Degree Courses in Real Estate

Courses covering the general content that is acceptable for credit toward a degree at a college or university as approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or the […]

License Exemptions

Exempt from the licensing requirements of this chapter shall be anyperson, partnership, association or corporation, who, as a bonafidethe owner shall perform any aforesaid act with reference to propertyowned by […]

§73-35-8. Nonresident’s license; application

(1) A nonresident may apply for a nonresident’s license in Mississippiprovided the individual is (i) a licensed broker in another state or (ii) isa broker/salesperson or salesperson affiliated with a […]

§73-35-9. Application for license

(1) Every applicant for a real estate broker’s license shall apply therefor inwriting upon blanks prepared by the commission and shall providesuch data and information as the commission may require. […]

§73-35-7. Qualifications for license

Licenses shall be granted only to persons who present, and to corporations,partnerships, companies or associations whose officers, associates orpartners present satisfactory proof to the commission that they aretrustworthy and competent […]