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Notifications of Complaints to the Commission

  1. All complaints submitted to the Commission shall be properly certified on forms furnished by the Commission.
  • Every licensee shall, within ten days, notify the Real Estate Commission of any adverse court decisions in which the licensee appeared as a defendant.
  • It shall be mandatory for a responsible broker to notify the Commission if the responsible broker has reason to believe that a licensee for whom the broker is responsible has violated the Real Estate License Law or Rules and Regulations of the Commission.
  • If a broker finds that a licensee licensed under that broker has been operating independently or through some other broker, the broker shall notify the Commission immediately and forward said individual’s license to the Commission.
  • A Real Estate Commissioner shall avoid private interviews, arguments, briefs or communication that may influence said Commissioner’s decision on any pending complaints or hearings.
  • The expiration, suspension or revocation of a responsible broker’s license shall automatically suspend the license of every real estate licensee currently under the supervision of that broker.  In such cases, a licensee may transfer to another responsible broker.
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