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§73-35-15. Location of business and responsible broker to be designated

(1) Every person, partnership, association or corporation licensed as a real
estate broker shall be required to have and maintain a definite place of
business, which shall be a room either in his home or an office
elsewhere, to be used for the transaction of real estate business, or such
business and any allied business. The certificate of registration as
broker and the certificate of each real estate salesperson employed by
such broker shall be prominently displayed in said office. The said
place of business shall be designated in the license. In case of removal
from the designated address, the licensee shall make application to the
commission before removal, or within ten (10) days after removal,
designating the new location of such office, whereupon the
commission shall forthwith issue a new license for the new location for
the unexpired period.

(2) All licenses issued to a real estate salesperson or broker-salesperson
shall designate the responsible broker of such salesperson or broker salesperson. Prompt notice in writing, within three (3) days, shall be
given to the commission by any real estate salesperson of a change of
responsible broker, and of the name of the principal broker into whose
agency the salesperson is about to enter; and a new license shall
thereupon be issued by the commission to such salesperson for the
unexpired term of the original license upon the return to the
commission of the license previously issued. The change of responsible
broker or employment by any licensed real estate salesperson without
notice to the commission as required shall automatically cancel his
license. Upon termination of a salesperson’s agency, the responsible
broker shall within three (3) days return the salesperson’s license to the
commission for cancellation. It shall be unlawful for any real estate
salesperson to perform any of the acts contemplated by this chapter
either directly or indirectly after his agency has been terminated and
his license has been returned for cancellation until his license has been
reissued by the commission.

Location of Business and Responsible Broker to be Designated
Location of Business
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