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§73-35-33. License required to sue for compensation; suit by salesperson in own name

(1) No person, partnership, association or corporation shall bring or
maintain an action in any court of this state for the recovery of a
commission, fee or compensation for any act done or services rendered,
the doing or rendering of which is prohibited under the provisions of
this chapter for persons other than licensed real estate brokers, unless
such person was duly licensed hereunder as a real estate broker at the
time of the doing of such act or the rendering of such service.

(2) No real estate salesperson shall have the right to institute suits in his
own name for the recovery of a fee, commission or compensation for
services as a real estate salesperson, but any such action shall be
instituted and brought by the broker employing such salesperson.
However, any real estate salesperson shall have the right to bring an
action in his own name if the action is against the broker employing
such salesperson for the recovery of any fees owed to him.

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