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73-35-13. Written examination requirement; exemption for licensee of another state; reciprocity

(1) In addition to proof of his honesty, trustworthiness and good
reputation, the applicant shall take a written examination which shall
be held at least four (4) times each year at regular intervals and on
stated times by the commission and shall test reading, writing, spelling,
elementary arithmetic and his general knowledge of the statutes of this
state relating to real property, deeds, mortgages, agreements of sale,
agency, contract, leases, ethics, appraisals, the provisions of this
chapter and such other matters the commission certifies as necessary to
the practice of real estate brokerage in the State of Mississippi. The
examination for a broker’s license shall differ from the examination for
a salesperson’s license, in that it shall be of a more exacting nature and
require higher standards of knowledge of real estate. The commission
shall cause examinations to be conducted at such times and places as it
shall determine.

(2) In event the license of any real estate broker or salesperson is revoked
by the commission subsequent to the enactment of this chapter, no new
license shall be issued to such person unless he complies with the
provisions of this chapter.

(3) No person shall be permitted or authorized to act as a real estate broker
or salesperson until he has qualified by examination, except as
hereinbefore provided. Any individual who fails to pass the
examination for salesperson upon two (2) occasions, shall be ineligible
for a similar examination, until after the expiration of three (3) months
from the time such individual last took the examination. Any individual
who fails to pass the broker’s examination upon two (2) occasions, shall
be ineligible for a similar examination until after the expiration of six
(6) months from the time such individual last took the examination, and
then only upon making application as in the first instance.

(4) If the applicant is a partnership, association or corporation, said
examination shall be taken on behalf of said partnership, association or
corporation by the member or officer thereof who is designated in the
application as the person to receive a license by virtue of the issuing of
a license to such partnership, association or corporation.

(5) Upon satisfactorily passing such examination and upon complying
with all other provisions of law and conditions of this chapter, a license
shall thereupon be issued to the successful applicant who, upon
receiving such license, is authorized to conduct the business of a real
estate broker or real estate salesperson in this state.

(6) The commission is authorized to exempt from such examination, in
whole or in part, a real estate licensee of another state who desires to
obtain a license under this chapter; provided, however, that the
examination administered in the other state is determined by the
commission to be equivalent to such examination given in this state
and provided that such other state extends this same privilege or
exemption to Mississippi real estate licensees. The issuance of a
license by reciprocity to a military-trained applicant or military spouse
shall be subject to the provisions of Section 73-50-1

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