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§73-35-35. Commission to adopt rules and regulations

(1) The commission may act by a majority of the members thereof, and
authority is hereby given to the commission to adopt, fix and establish
all rules and regulations in its opinion necessary for the conduct of its
business, the holdings of hearings before it, and otherwise generally for
the enforcement and administration of the provisions of this chapter.
Further, the commission is empowered with the authority to adopt such
rules and regulations as it deems appropriate to regulate the sale of
timesharing and condominium properties within the state of
Mississippi and the sale of timesharing and condominium properties in
other states to residents of Mississippi.

(2) Beginning on July 1, 2019, the commission shall provide notice by
email to each real estate broker and real estate salesperson who has
provided an email address to the commission under Section 73-35-9 or
73-35-18 of each proposed rule or regulation change or adoption. The
notice required under this subsection must be given on no less than
three (3) separate occasions during the notice period prescribed under
the Mississippi Administrative Procedures Law (Chapter 43, Title 25,
Mississippi Code of 1972).

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