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§73-35-18. License renewal; continuing education requirements; exemptions; rules and regulations; reinstatement of expired license.

(1) Each individual applicant for renewal of a license issued by the
Mississippi Real Estate Commission shall, on or before the expiration
date of his license, or at a time directed by the commission, submit
proof of completion of not less than sixteen (16) clock hours of
approved course work to the commission, in addition to any other
requirements for renewal. The sixteen (16) clock hours’ course work
requirement shall apply to each two-year license renewal, and hours in
excess thereof shall not be cumulated or credited for the purposes of
subsequent license renewals except as provided in this subsection (1).
The commission shall develop standards for approval of courses and
shall require certification of such course work of the applicant. The
commission may determine any required subject matter within the
mandated sixteen (16) hours; provided that the required subjects shall
not exceed eight (8) hours of the total sixteen (16) hours. Approved
continuing education hours earned in the final three (3) months of a
licensee’s renewal period, if in excess of the required minimum sixteen
(16) hours, may be carried over and credited to the next renewal period.
However, no more than six (6) hours may be carried over in this
manner. Any member of the Mississippi Legislature who has a real
estate license shall be credited with eight (8) hours of credit for the
attendance of each year of a legislative session. No person may receive
continuing education credit for pre-license education courses taken,
except as follows: a licensee whose license is on inactive status and
whose continuing education credits are at least thirty (30) hours in
arrears may, at the discretion of the commission, receive continuing
education credit for retaking pre-license coursework, provided the
entire pre-license course is retaken.

(2) This section shall apply to renewals of licenses which expire on and
after July 1, 1994; however, an applicant for first renewal who has been
licensed for not more than one (1) year shall not be required to comply
with this section for the first renewal of the applicant’s license. The
provisions of this section shall not apply to persons who have held a
broker’s or salesperson’s license in this state for at least twenty-five (25)
years and who are older than seventy (70) years of age. Inactive
licensees are not required to meet the real estate continuing education
requirements specified in this section; however, such inactive
licensees, before activating their license to active status, must
cumulatively meet requirements missed during the period their license
was inactive.

(3) A renewal of a license issued by the commission which expires after
June 30, 2019, must include a current email address for the applicant.
Any email address previously provided by an applicant to the
commission which is no longer valid, or the primary email address of
the applicant must be updated when a renewal application is submitted
under this section.

(4) The commission shall promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to
accomplish the purposes of this section in accordance with the
Mississippi Administrative Procedures Law.

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