Psychology of Selling

Certification from the EXCEL Yourself® Series of Workshops
Professional Development for all Careers
Based on the Myer Briggs Type® Indicator

Who are You?
1. Extraversion–Introversion,
2. Sensing–Intuition, Thinking–Feeling,
3. Judging–Perceiving
4. Four Basic Sales Approaches

What Is Psychological Type?
Assessing Your Selling Process
How Is My Type Preference Expressed When I Sell?
Using Your “Non-Preferred” Style
Do I Need to Know My Customer’s Type Preference?
How to Use the Type Framework When Selling
How Do People Want to Be Sold To?
How Does Type Actually Work with the Selling Process?
Listening for Cues
How Do I Adapt to My Customer?
Handling Issues
Going on from Here
Based on the Myers Briggs Type® Indicator