Background investigation required

§73-35-10. Background investigation required of applicants for real estate broker’s, real estate salesperson’s, or nonresident’s license (1)(a) To qualify for a Mississippi real estate broker’s license or a Mississippi resident […]

Application for license

§73-35-9. Application for license  Every applicant for a real estate broker’s license shall apply therefor in writing upon blanks prepared by the commission and shall provide such data and information […]

Nonresident’s license; application

§73-35-8. Nonresident’s license; application  A nonresident may apply for a nonresident’s license in Mississippi provided the individual is (i) a licensed broker in another state or (ii) is a broker/salesperson […]

Qualifications for license

§73-35-7. Qualifications for license Licenses shall be granted only to persons who present, and to corporations, partnerships, companies or associations whose officers, associates or partners present satisfactory proof to the […]

Licenses for business entities

§73-35-6. Licenses for business entities  A corporation, partnership, company or association shall be granted a license when individual broker’s licenses have been issued to every member, owner, partner or officer […]