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Real estate schools; regulation by commission

  • An institution or organization desiring to conduct a school or offer a course of instruction to prepare persons to be licensed under this chapter, or to offer post-licensure courses, shall apply to the commission for accreditation, and shall submit evidence that it is prepared to carry out a prescribed minimum curriculum in real estate principles and practices as set forth in this chapter and can meet other standards established by the commission. An investigation of the school and of the institution or organization with which such school is affiliated shall be made by the commission. If, in the opinion of the commission, the requirements for an accredited school for instruction in real estate principles and practices are met, the commission shall approve the school as an accredited real estate school upon payment of the fees set forth in this chapter and such other fees as established by the commission. All schools so accredited shall register at required intervals on a form provided and pay the required registration fees specified in this chapter and such other fees as established by the commission.
  • The commission shall have the authority to revoke, suspend or otherwise discipline the accreditation of any real estate school, prelicense education provider or post-license education provider if the commission determines that the school or education provider is not meeting or has not met the standards required for such accreditation. If the commission determines that any accredited real estate school or education provider is not maintaining the standards required by the commission, notices thereof in writing specifying the defect or defects shall be given promptly to the school or provider. If such defect or defects are not remedied in the time specified by the commission, the commission shall hold a hearing to determine the disciplinary action, if any, to be taken. Such hearing will be noticed to the school or provider, who will be allowed to attend the hearing and present to the commission its reasons why it should not be disciplined.
  • A college or university in the State of Mississippi accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or the comparable regional accrediting authority shall be an approved education provider for pre-license courses for both the broker’s and salesperson’s license by virtue of such accreditation. Such colleges and universities are not required to meet any other standards provided herein.
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