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Nonresident may not act except in cooperation with licensed broker of state

¬ß73-35-11. Nonresident may not act except in cooperation with licensed broker of state 

It shall be unlawful for any licensed broker, salesperson or other person who is not licensed as a Mississippi resident or nonresident broker or salesperson and a licensed broker or licensed salesperson in this state to perform any of the acts regulated by this chapter, except that a licensed broker of another state who does not hold a Mississippi real estate license may cooperate with a licensed broker of this state provided that any commission or fee resulting from such cooperative negotiation shall be stated on a form filed with the commission reflecting the compensation to be paid to the Mississippi broker.

Whenever a Mississippi broker enters into a cooperative agreement under this section, the Mississippi broker shall file within ten (10) days with the commission a copy of each such written agreement. By signing the agreement, the nonresident broker who is not licensed in this state agrees to abide by Mississippi law, and the rules and regulations of the commission; and further agrees that civil actions may be commenced against him in any court of competent jurisdiction in any county of this state in which a claim may arise.

The Mississippi broker shall require a listing or joint listing of the property involved. The written cooperative agreements shall specify all material terms of each agreement, including but not limited to its financial terms.

The showing of property located in Mississippi and negotiations pertaining thereto shall be supervised by the Mississippi broker. In all advertising of real estate located in Mississippi, the name and telephone number of the Mississippi broker shall appear and shall be given equal prominence with the name of the nonresident broker who is not licensed in this state.

The Mississippi broker shall be liable for all acts of the above cooperating broker, as well as for his own acts, arising from the execution of any cooperative agreement.

The Mississippi broker shall determine that the cooperating broker is licensed as a broker in another state.

All earnest money pertaining to a cooperative agreement must be held in escrow by the Mississippi broker unless both the buyer and seller agree in writing to relieve the Mississippi broker of this responsibility.

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