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§73-35-14.3. Course content

  • Minimum standards for the content for education courses required for licensure as a real estate broker or a real estate salesperson shall include content on:
  • The provisions of this chapter and any rules and regulations promulgated hereunder;
  • Listing property;
  • Property valuation/appraisal;
  • Real estate arithmetic;
  • Characteristics of real property;
  • Agency and nonagency relationships;
  • Real estate sale contracts/agreements of sale;
  • Leasing and property management;
  • Transfer of title/ownership/deeds;
  • Settlement procedures;
  • Financing;
  • Professional responsibilities and ethics;
  • Fair housing;
  • Federal laws affecting real estate.
  • A pre-license course must meet any standards that the Association of Real Estate Licensing Law Officials (ARELLO), or its successor(s), may have for pre-license courses, including, without limitation, standards for content, form, examination, facilities and instructors. If ARELLO or its successor(s) operate a certification program for prelicense courses, a pre-license course must be certified by ARELLO or its successor(s) before the commission may approve the course.
  • The commission may establish by rule such other standards for prelicense education course content as the commission may deem necessary.
  • No more than eight (8) pre-license hours may be earned in a single day.
  • Courses covering the general content of subsection (1) of this section that are acceptable for credit toward a degree at a college or university as approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or the comparable regional accrediting authority shall qualify for the minimum standards for pre-license education by virtue of said accreditation. A semester-hour credit shall be equal to fifteen (15) classroom hours and a quarter-hour credit shall be equal to ten (10) classroom hours. Courses given under this section by such accredited institutions are not required to meet ARELLO standards or certifications. The commission may establish by rule that specific areas of the general content areas listed in subsection (1) of this section are not required to be met by courses offered by the accredited institutions under this subsection.
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