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§73-35-25. Appeals

  • Any applicant or licensee or person aggrieved shall have the right of appeal from any adverse ruling or order or decision of the commission to the circuit court of the county of residence of the applicant, licensee or person, or of the First Judicial District of Hinds County, within thirty (30) days from the service of notice of the action of the commission upon the parties in interest.
  • Notice of appeals shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the court who shall issue a writ of certiorari directed to the commission commanding it, within thirty (30) days after service thereof, to certify to such court its entire record in the matter in which the appeal has been taken. The appeal shall thereupon be heard in due course by said court, without a jury, which shall review the record and make its determination of the cause between the parties.
  • Any order, rule or decision of the commission shall not take effect until after the time for appeal to said court shall have expired. In the event an appeal is taken by a defendant, such appeal may act, in the discretion of the court, as a supersedeas and the court shall dispose of said appeal and enter its decision promptly.
  • Any person taking an appeal shall post a satisfactory bond in the amount of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) for the payment of any costs which may be adjudged against him.
  • Actions taken by the commission in suspending a license when required by Section 93-11-157 or 93-11-163 are not actions from which an appeal may be taken under this section. Any appeal of a license suspension that is required by Section 93-11-157 or 93-11-163 shall be taken in accordance with the appeal procedure specified in Section 9311-157 or 93-11-163, as the case may be, rather than the procedure specified in this section.
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