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Real Estate Training Institute

At the Real Estate Training Institute, we understand that everyone learns at their own speed. We also know as adults, busy schedules are a part of our daily lives. Situations may arise that are beyond a student’s reach. For example, scheduling a class and attending classes may become challenging to complete with a full understanding within the course’s 60 hours. Therefore, the pre-exam studies at the Real Estate Training Institute come with a one-year guarantee free. You can come back to the Real Estate Training Institute up to one year after you take the first course.

Students may attend any similar class without additional fees within one year of their first class. Methods of attending include classroom attendance, Livestream and online self-paced. The choice of day or night classes is available. You may mix and match your options. Call the office to schedule your review class and compare your options! In terms of the review course, it is completely up to you! If you only need a review on a couple of subjects, you can come just for those! You also have many additional ways to learn online and review at home!

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