Each individual applicant for renewal of a license issued by the MREC shall, on or before the expiration date of his license, or at a time directed by the commission, submit proof of completion of not less than sixteen (16) clock hours of approved course work to the commission, in addition to any other requirements for renewal.
The sixteen (16) clock hours’ course work requirement shall apply to each two – year license renewal, and hours in excess thereof shall not be accumulated or credited for the purposes of subsequent license renewals.

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Real Estate Continuing Education
The Mississippi Real Estate Commission
Part 1601 Chapter 6: Continuing Education Rule 6.1 Approved Courses
A. Any course that meets the educational requirements as set forth in Section 73-35-7 of the Mississippi Real Estate Broker’s License Act of 1954, as Amended.
B. Any course sponsored or provided by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission.
C. Any course which has been individually approved by the Commission pursuant to the provisions of this rule and which must be approved prior to presentation of the course, except that, in the Commission’s discretion, courses which have not received such prior approval, but which meet the proper criteria may be approved for credit for licensees who have completed such course.
D. Any course which has been approved for real estate continuing education by any state or country which is a member of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and which course satisfies the requirements set forth in Rule VI (B) (3) with the exception of instruction in license law which pertains solely to a state other than Mississippi. Miss. Code Ann. §73-35-35
Rule 6.2 Procedures and Criteria for Approval of Courses A. Definitions:
(1) “Provider” – any individual person, partnership, association, legally established corporation or LLC, educational organization, or other entity that sponsors, offers, organizes, provides or promotes real estate continuing education courses.
(2) “Instructor” – a person who delivers educational material information directly to students.
B. A provider desiring approval of continuing education course referred to in Section 73-35- 18, Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated, shall make application to the Commission on forms provided by the Commission. The provider, course, and instructor must receive concurrent approval. C. All requests for course accreditation shall be submitted on forms provided by MREC and will require copies of all student materials as well as documentation that includes the following:
(1) Course descriptions of each subject in the course.
(2) Measurable learning objectives for each subject.
(3) Specific process for evaluation and improvement of content.
(4) Specific processes for selecting and evaluating instructors.
(5) Specific processes for record-keeping and the administration of examinations.
D. For courses offered through distance learning:
(1) Courses in Mississippi license law, contract law, and agency shall include course content and application specific to Mississippi practice and custom.
(2) Out-of-state providers must provide copies or screen prints of all Mississippi specific content for MREC review and approval.
(3) On-line or CD-ROM courses relating to Mississippi license law and agency must include instruction in the use of the Mississippi mandatory forms as well as provide a mechanism for the student to view and download the forms.
E. Standards for approval of course:
(1) A proposed continuing education course shall be a real estate oriented educational session or course intended to improve skills of licensees and to keep licensees abreast of changing real estate practices and laws.
(2) Courses shall be taught only by approved, qualified instructors.
(3) Courses shall be offered in minimum two-hour segments.
(4) Courses, instructors and providers shall be approved for one (1) year periods and shall be required to renew if the course is to be continued. (5) Licensees shall physically attend in order to receive a certificate. Rule 6.3 Qualifications of Instructors The education and experience of the instructor must be appropriate to teach the subject matter. Miss. Code Ann. §73-35-35 Rule 6.4 Administrative Requirements – Applies to VI A. 2. & 3.
A. Providers of continuing education courses shall furnish the Commission with a class roster within thirty (30) days after completion of each course listing each Mississippi licensee in attendance in alphabetical order.
B. Providers will utilize a three-part certificate for the purpose of certifying individual attendance. One designated part shall be returned completed to the commission, one designated part shall be given to each attendee at the conclusion of the course, and the remaining par shall be retained by the provider furnishing such information as may be called for on the certificate.
C. Attendance and other records of each provider must be kept on file for a period of three years and are subject to inspection by the Commission at any time during normal business hours. Miss. Code Ann.
§73-35-35 Rule 6.5 Advertising and solicitation
A. An approved real estate provider must include, in all forms of advertising, the school’s name and the physical location of its principal place of business.
B. An approved real estate provider may not advertise through oral statements or written text in such a manner that the statement is included or contained in any advertisement by a real estate broker and no advertisement of a licensed school may refer to the brokerage operation or include the telephone number of any individual broker.
C. An approved real estate provider may not:
(1) Indicate any name other than the name approved by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission (MREC).
(2) Indicate that it has been endorsed, recommended, or certified by the MREC except that the provider may advertise that it is approved by the MREC to provide instruction in real estate courses.
(3) Indicate that successful completion of its curriculum will result in passing a real estate licensing exam, may not make any guarantee of employment to a student or 18 prospective student, and may not promote the business or any real estate licensee, real estate franchise, or network.
Miss. Code Ann. §73-35-35 Rule 6.6 Relationship with providers
A. No real estate education presentation may be conducted in a facility that is also utilized for conducting the business of real estate brokerage unless all participants are licensees of the brokerage firm conducting the courses.
B. No real estate education provider will allow in-person or electronic solicitation of students for employment.
A provider may not post, distribute, or display written material concerning employment nor use any approved course for the purpose of discussing, inducting, or promoting affiliation with any broker or brokerage firm during the prescribed class hours nor during the breaks between such class hours. C. Providers may advertise that a course meets a portion of the continuing education requirements; however, no advertisement shall be used which states or implies that the Mississippi Real Estate Commission has approved or passed on the merits of a course.
Miss. Code Ann. §73-35-35 Rule 6.7 Suspension or Revocation of Approval Failure to comply with any provision of this rule shall constitute grounds for suspension or revocation of the approval of a course, a provider or an instructor, or other such action as deemed appropriate by the Commission.
Mississippi Real Estate Continuing Education

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