1. Quick Start System

The Real Estate Training Institute’s Quick Start System allows students to access the school’s support site to get a head start on their classroom or livestream courses. Be ahead on day one.  This free school option gives access to over 3000 quiz questions and school material before you even begin your class journey.

  1. Books Included

The Real Estate Training Institute is a book publisher with over ten real estate course workbooks for Mississippi and Tennessee.  We have added $300 in course workbooks for the Mississippi real estate exam for free.  Two books are included.

  1. All Access Pass 

The School’s All Access Pass was requested by former students and Alumni.  As adults with busy schedules, it may be convenient for some students to attend class, livestream or go to the self-paced online course to complete their classroom hours. Now, you can mix and match days, nights, topics, chapters, instructors and even physical locations.

  1. Free Class Reviews

With the course, you are allowed to attend free reviews with your choices of methods, times, topics, instructors and locations.


Everyone, Everywhere with Blended Learning

The Real Estate Training Institute’s pre-exam courses are the most comprehensive pre-courses available. 

Many schools charge a base price for a standard course either online or in class.  

The Real Estate Training Institute is approved for both online and classroom classes with an extended approval for livestream classes. The approvals are difficult to obtain and require additional monitoring of the learner’s progress. 

We do not limit your method of learning. We understand that adults have busy schedules and are in situations unique to each person.

We offer three options for learning that can be mixed and matched depending on the student’s situation. 

Inclusive opportunity to learn is important to the Real Estate Training Institute. We strive to make our classes available to everyone, everywhere. 

The Pre-Exam Broker’s License Course will prepare you for the Mississippi Real Estate License Exam.

The course covers the Mississippi Real Estate Commission’s mandatory topics to qualify for your license.

The ALL-Access Course Pass gives you access to the classroom, live streaming, a self-paced course online and over 3,000 questions and answers with explanations.

Take the course once and attend free reviews for extra assurance and confidence.

The instructors are Gold Star Designated Professionals from the National Real Estate Educators Association.

The school’s self-published textbooks are included in the one price.

This is a five-star-rated organization with courses to meet all your real estate educational needs for your entire career. Come join other successful real estate professionals.

Qualifications for a Broker's License

Every person who applies for a Mississippi real estate broker license as a real estate broker shall be age twenty‐one (21) years or over and have his legal domicile in the State of Mississippi at the time he applies.

To become a Mississippi Real Estate Broker, an applicant:

  1. shall be subject to the jurisdiction of this state,
  2. subject to the income tax laws and other excise laws, subject to the road and bridge privilege tax laws.
  3. Shall not be an elector in any other state.
  4. Shall have held a license as an active real estate salesperson for twelve (12) months immediately before making an application for the broker’s examination.
  5. Shall have completed a minimum of one hundred twenty (120) hours of courses in real estate.
  6. Shall have completed the real estate broker’s examination as hereafter specified.


⚡️ An applicant for a Mississippi real estate broker’s license must pass the broker’s examination with a grade of at least 80%.

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Miss. Code Ann. §73-5-7 (Amended, Effective July 1, 2020)

In its 2020 Regular Session, the Mississippi Legislature enacted an amendment to Miss. Code Ann. §73-5-7 which made changes to the experience requirements for persons seeking to be licensed as a real estate broker in Mississippi, including certain restrictions on new broker licensee employment of real estate salespersons.

The legislation was approved by Governor Tate Reeves and became effective July 1, 2020.

As amended, the relevant statutory provisions for obtaining a real estate broker’s license now include: 12 months licensure as Salesperson prior to application for Broker’s license and 36 month restriction on employment of Salespersons

An applicant for a broker’s license must have held an active license as a real estate salesperson for a minimum of twelve (12) months prior to making application.

The required period of active licensure as a real estate salesperson may be satisfied by evidence of cumulative period(s) of active licensure as a real estate salesperson totaling a minimum of twelve (12) months prior to application for licensure as a real estate broker.

 Broker Certification Form Applicant must execute the Broker Certification Form (available on Commission website) and swear/affirm, under penalty of perjury, the broker will not hire any real estate salespersons for a period of thirty-six (36) months following the date of approval of the broker’s original (active) salesperson’s license.



• The thirty-six (36) month restriction on employment of real estate salespersons shall not apply to brokers who have held a license as an active real estate salesperson for a cumulative period of thirty-six (36) months prior to making application for the broker’s license examination.

• The thirty-six (36) month restriction on employment of real estate salespersons shall not apply to brokers who have completed a minimum of one hundred fifty (150) classroom hours of real estate courses, which courses are acceptable for credit toward a degree at a college or university as approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Included in the Course

  • Sixty (60) hours of classroom courses
  • Unlimited Access for six (6) months
  • Access to Recorded Live Videos
  • Workbook for Primary Portion
  • Instructor PowerPoint Videos
  • Over 3000 Exam Questions
  • Mississippi Specific Book with Quizzes
  • MREC Searchable Database
  • Electronic Glossary

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