Futurist in Selling

Futurists are people who gather information and relate them to ideas and future possibilities.  They look for patterns and links between facts instead of “just the facts”.  They like to […]

Realist in Selling

Realists are people who focus on the “here and now”, facts and concrete information gathered by their senses.  They enjoy solving problems that are useful NOW.  They like to share […]

Improving Decision Making – MBTI Certified Practitioners

The workshop helps individuals explore their decision-making style and develop more effective decision-making skills through a better understanding of the Myers-Briggs® preferences. Participants discover what can inhibit high-quality decision making, […]

Developing Communication Style – MBTI® Certified Practitioners

Communication and Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style Through Myers-Briggs® Type Communication is essential in building and maintaining relationships. This event delivers a tried-and-true communication workshop designed by our experts. The […]

Team Building – MBTI® Certified Practitioners

Team building is one of the most widely used group-development activities in organizations. Benefits of the RETI Team Building Workshop 1. It provides a positive nonjudgemental vocabulary for understanding normal […]